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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obligations As Performers

What Obligations Do We Have As Performers?

  1. Take advantage of rehearsals - Know your songs really well, then turn up for rehearsals as many times as possible prior to your performance. Then turn up some more.
  2. Be ready to perform - Be prepared by having your music ready, and your vocals warmed up.
  3. Exercise - You'll be a better singer if you exercise regularly. Exercise every day.
  4. The Band - Give the band every opportunity to learn your music, so that they can do their best on performance day. Have your music ready, in the right key and written out clearly with no errors.
  5. Our Audience - Entertain the audience. Introduce your song, say a few words, sing your tune, and perform with passion.
  6. The Songwriter - Think about the songwriter, the lyrics and their meaning and the meaning (story) of the song. You'll give a better performance for doing so.
  7. Ourselves - Enjoy your performance. Enjoy every minute of it!

source - Leonie Alaimo (Club Member)

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