Welcome To Guanaba Country

Welcome To Guanaba Country

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Friday, August 26, 2011

New Management Team 2011 - 2012

Following the successful annual general meeting (AGM) of the club, which was held at our club house last Wednesday evening, 24 August 2011 .. the following members have been elected to the new club management team for the next period 2011-2012.
We welcome the new members to the team, and would also like to give our thanks to members of the team who are leaving, for all their hard work during the past year.

  • President – Dave Mazzer
  • Vice President – Karl Mokohar
  • Secretary – Denise Mazzer
  • Assistant to Secretary - Joan Haydon
  • Treasurer – Eddie Beaman

  • Liaison Officer – Carol Beaman
  • Musical Directors – Dave Davis, Peter Johnson
  • Editor – Leonie Alaimo
  • Public Relations - Ian Rogers
  • Public Relations (Electronic Media) - Vacant
  • Sound – Doug Schultz
  • Music Board Co-Ordinator - Jenny Foenander & Jeannette Mackenzie
  • Canteen Convenor – Chris Schultz
  • Grounds Person – Ian Rogers
  • Prize Co-Ordinator – Chris Schultz

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The Queensland Government's Gambling Community
Fund provided funding to Guanaba Country Music Club
in January 2010 for the purchase and upgrading of
musical equipment at this club.

Guanaba Country Music Club sincerely thanks
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