Welcome To Guanaba Country

Welcome To Guanaba Country

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Guanaba Social Page

Guanaba was made welcome at Caldera's May social last Sunday.

Had a great day and was made feel welcome and at home by all present.  Our president lead the day as we got together and put on a club show.

Thanks Gail and the crew for making us feel so welcome and extending your hospitality.
Looking forward to our social next Sunday and hope you can make it and enjoy yourselves.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Charity Day 2017 Wrap-up

A great day was held on Sunday 30th April at Club Headquarters.

Entertainment was provided by seven CMC Clubs and thanks must go to them for the entertainment provided.

Clubs that entertained were

  • Redlands Modern
  • Logan Beaudesert
  • Caldera
  • Twin Rivers
  • Brigalow
  • Smokehouse, and
  • Guanaba

While the amount raised for "Sailability" is at present unknown all who attended must be thanked for your participation and involvement.

The Queensland Government's Gambling Community
Fund provided funding to Guanaba Country Music Club
in January 2010 for the purchase and upgrading of
musical equipment at this club.

Guanaba Country Music Club sincerely thanks
the Queensland Government Gambling Community Fund.